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Women get Environmental Recognition

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

These days women are making  strong impacts  in national and international environmental business and policy.  As more and more importance is being emphasized on environmental issues, businesses are forced to take a more triple bottom line approach. Meaning businesses must place equal importance on their economic, social, and ecological standards.  According to a survey conducted by Hansa-GCR under sponsorship of numerous companies “Being perceived as green helps their brand” says 64% of those managers surveyed(600 individuals total).  ”Green is good for business and image.”  The same survey says “female decision makers are more environmentally friendly than males.” 

 Women are gaining recognition more than ever and such organizations as UNEP or the United Nations Environmental Programme are acknowledging this. On their website you can find the profiles of hundreds of influential women in the environmental field. Their growing database provides an expansive who’s who of environmentally progressive women across the globe. Anyone can nominate an individual by emailing Ms. Rojinder Sian at 

According to the Aspen Institute’s Council of Women World Leaders “The elimination of global poverty and promotion of sustainable development are essential to a fair and equitable world.”

 Now while this may be common sense for many, it is important to note that acknowledgement by a global council of world leaders of such issues is great progress.

“Women of the Green Generation” event

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Rebecca is speaking about new book “Hot, Rich and Green” and leading a panel discussion at Founder Kris Willey’s event “Women of the Green Generation” on Wednesday night 3/31/10 from 7-10pm at Evo Hotel. Rebecca will moderate a panel of professional women on hand to share their insights and experiences in how to succeed in the green space. Panelists will include:
Anna Getty – Pure Style Living
Elif Beall – BeAll Sustainability
Siel Ju – Green LA Girl
Andrea Robinson – ARC Sustainability
Tracy Hepler – Your Daily Thread
Kris Willey –Women of the Green Generation

Here’s the link to the newsletter about the event:
Tickets are $10 per person and located at:
Location: Evo Hotel
1155 South Grand
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(Penthouse suite # 2303)