Recent Blogs Mentioning Hot, Rich, and Green!

June 17th, 2010

Hot, Rich, and Green is flying like wildfire through the green community! Check out a few recent blogs that have recommended the book as an influential means of learning to nurture and develop those talents in all hot, rich, and green women!

Dana Feldman of The Examiner:…miner/x-31022-LA-Entertainment-Examiner~y2010m5d27-Rebecca-Harrell-Tickell-is-Hot-Rich–Green-Read-Her-New-Informative-Book–You-Can-Be-Too

Nikki Pava of EcoTuesday:

Elif Beall of Beall Sustainability:

Plus, check out this NY Times article about women seeking a raise:

Rebecca Was on Fox News!

June 16th, 2010

On June 15th, Rebecca was interviewed on Fox News as part of the morning show! Check out Rebecca’s comments on green women empowering themselves in the workforce at the link below!–rich/?playlist_id=879371.

Official Hot, Rich, and Green Book Launch!

June 16th, 2010

On Tuesday, May 25th, Hot, Rich, and Green officially launched into a world of strong green women! The launch was presented by the book’s author, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, at the Residences at the W Hollywood in a special eco suite called Eco Residence, GREEN + VINE. The event was catered by Mixt Greens and sponsored by Ocean Vodka, Parducci Vineyards, and Soda Stream.

The book launch included a presentation, an informational slideshow, a Q&A, and a sneak preview of the Hot, Rich, and Green movie! Attendees included hot, rich, and green women from all walks of life, including, of course, Rebecca herself!

Taryn Hipwell of EcoDivas said about the launch: “A room full of incredible women who are making great strides in the EcoMovement while looking and being super hot, rich, green and ecodivalicious!!! Rebecca Harrell Tickell rocks!”

Frances Fisher claimed enthusiastically about the launch, “What an amazing presentation! It was beautifully edited and powerfully presented.”

Amy Smart said to Rebecca, “You have such an amazing way of talking to people and touching their souls. I especially love the part about the history of women – I felt so emotional because I felt and understood a connection!”

See below for several links, including blogs and videos, about the launch brought to you by attendees of the event.

Whitney Lauritsen of Eco Vegan Gal:


Taryn Hipwell of Eco Divas:!

Thank you so much to all of the green women who attended the event! Your support is highly appreciated and we hope you’ll join us for future Hot, Rich, and Green events!

Thank You!

June 15th, 2010

Thank you to all of the hot, rich, and green women who came out the Women of the Green Generation event this past Saturday for Rebecca’s presentation and environmental media panel! Your support is so appreciated!

Make sure to join us for the next strong green women event! Check back for details!

Hot Rich & Green

May 27th, 2010

Pick your favorite Hot Rich & Green lady at:

Written by Jennifer Grayson,

one of our very own Hot Rich & Green ladies!

Dreamed of Making Millions??

April 29th, 2010

Have you ever dreamed of making millions while doing good for the planet?

Rebecca gives a compelling presentation on the 10 easy steps to follow in order to realize your financial dreams.  Learn the secret formula women are using to get rich and save the planet.

Followed by a free book signing, Rebecca will share the tricks to getting rich and saving the planet!

Thursday, April 29 @ Pitzer College

1050 North Mills Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

4:15 – 6:15 pm

Food & Drinks served                          

 Win a signed copy of HOT RICH & GREEN

RSVP with Megan –

Catch Hot Rich and Green presentation!

April 27th, 2010

Have you ever dreamed of making millions while doing good for the planet?

Hot, Rich & Green!

author Rebecca Harrell Tickell gives a compelling presentation on the 10 easy stepsto follow in order to realize your financial dreams.

Where: Pitzer College

1050 North Mills Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Atherton Hall Room 103
Thursday, April 29 4:15pm – 6:15pm

Food and Drinks Served

Book Raffle

Tools for Women in the Green Industry

April 5th, 2010

The modern day business minded individual is well endowed with an array of tools and networking devices designed to further their careers and interests.  It makes perfect sense to see more networking groups within the progressing field of Sustainability. When staying within the realm of environmentalism one has access to  a plethora of information and resources.  I will elaborate on an organizations that offers much support to women pursuing green business and awareness within the field.  

Founded in 1993 by a group of Southern Californian environmental professionals, The Women’s Environmental Council is a non-profit association dedicated to offering a broad array of resources to those interested in pursuing the environmental industry.  Both a valuable asset to students and professionals, the council has chapters in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.  Browsing through the site you can find a job board which lists current positions that need to be filled such as Senior Biologist at UCSB or various positions at the National Wildlife Federation.  

If you are a student there are a variety of scholarship options available to graduates and undergraduates  seeking degrees in Environmental Science, Forestry, Hydrology, Urban Planning, Marine Geology, Biology, Environmental Engineering and more.  Last year the council awarded six scholarships to women pursing the field.  

Becoming a member is easy and beneficial in being part of an environmentally based networking community dedicated to expanding and sustaining the opportunities of women in the green industry.  As they assert, when being a member you are part of the   ”Participation in the formative stages of a national network of leaders and professionals dedicated to working together in the spirit of consensus, and the opportunity to develop and strengthen personal and professional relationships.” 

Explore their website:


April 1st, 2010

Alexandra Cousteau, Siel Yu, Amy Smart, Mariel Hemingway……

What do all these women have in common? 

They are all featured in Rebecca’s new book “HOT RICH AND GREEN.”  The book profiles dozens of environmentally savvy women who are making success in green business. They are paving the way in our progressively eco economy and are sharing their secrets of prosperity.  These women are strong, empowered, and taking a stance in environmentalism in very creative ways.  Learn from their stories and embrace your potential today!  

“HOT RICH AND GREEN” is available through this website.

Women get Environmental Recognition

March 30th, 2010

These days women are making  strong impacts  in national and international environmental business and policy.  As more and more importance is being emphasized on environmental issues, businesses are forced to take a more triple bottom line approach. Meaning businesses must place equal importance on their economic, social, and ecological standards.  According to a survey conducted by Hansa-GCR under sponsorship of numerous companies “Being perceived as green helps their brand” says 64% of those managers surveyed(600 individuals total).  ”Green is good for business and image.”  The same survey says “female decision makers are more environmentally friendly than males.” 

 Women are gaining recognition more than ever and such organizations as UNEP or the United Nations Environmental Programme are acknowledging this. On their website you can find the profiles of hundreds of influential women in the environmental field. Their growing database provides an expansive who’s who of environmentally progressive women across the globe. Anyone can nominate an individual by emailing Ms. Rojinder Sian at 

According to the Aspen Institute’s Council of Women World Leaders “The elimination of global poverty and promotion of sustainable development are essential to a fair and equitable world.”

 Now while this may be common sense for many, it is important to note that acknowledgement by a global council of world leaders of such issues is great progress.